Spring Break Style

Spring break is just two weeks away for us. We haven't told the kids so it'll be a total surprise for them. We are cruising again. We weren't looking to take a cruise again for a while but came across a good deal we couldn't pass up. The kids are avid Youtube video watchers and were watching videos of cruises before we made a decision. It's like they were in our heads. They are still watching them and my daughter even made the comment, well, if we don't take a cruise this year, I'll be happy with a family road trip. What!?! These kids. Where is the money they are willing to contribute to said trip?

It's up to me to make sure everyone has what they need for the trip. Including new clothes for both kids. Why do they insist on growing up and getting bigger? They both grew out of last year's clothes. Ugh. 

When packing for myself, I like to keep things light and throw in pieces I can wear several ways. I usually pack more tops than bottoms because who's really looking at the shorts you had on yesterday? I also love dresses. Here are some of the things I'll be bringing along.


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