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Some of you may have heard of Hometalk.  It's a website where homeowners and professionals alike can go and share their home adventures and ask for advice.  I've been on there for years and it's fun to see the projects that homeowners complete.  You can browse through hundreds of photos to get inspiration and tips and upload your own project.  You can even come here to connect with a professional in your area for that certain project you were thinking of starting.

Hometalk asked me to curate a board of painted kitchen cabinets since my own kitchen post on Hometalk has been a success.


Go on over and take a look at some of the amazing kitchen transformations.  These homeowners have taken their kitchens from plain to wowzers with just paint!

Also, if you aren't following me on Hometalk, you should.

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  1. OMG! Moving soon and my biggest challenge is designing a functional but design-worthy space. love the resource, hometalk.


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